Surrendering Your Pet

Please consider every available alternative to admitting your pet to a shelter before you schedule an appointment for admission. This might include re-homing your pet to a friend, neighbor or family member who is interested in having a pet or, if your pet has a behavioral issue, working through that problem with our trainer Diann Andress. Our pets are our lifetime responsibility, and we must do all that we can to ensure that they are happy, healthy and loved.

Surrendering Your Pet

We have changed our animal surrenders to by appointment only!  All appointments will require a $10 non refundable fee at the time the appointment is made.  To make an appointment to surrender your pet please contact the shelter at 863-324-5227 Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 to 6 and Saturday from 10-4.

Please understand that, as a no-kill humane society, the Humane Society of Polk County cannot accept every animal brought to our shelter immediately. Animals who will not be accepted include those who are so vicious that we cannot safely handle or adopt, cats who test positive for feline Leuk/Aids or canines who test positive for heartworms.  Because we do not have a full time vet on staff pet over the age of 8 will need to have blood work from a vet clearing them medically for adoption before they are surrendered.

All animals surrendered to the Humane Society may be taken to various offsite locations for adoption through the Humane Society of Polk County.

Community Cats –  Typically these cats live in groups called colonies and have strong social bonds with their colony members. These un-owned cats are called Community Cats and if left uncontrolled to breed can spread disease and become health and safety hazards to people.  When spayed/neutered these cats are identified by a notched ear and are not accepted into the shelter.

We encourage you to take stray animals to Polk County Animal Control so people only have to look one place for their missing pet. The Humane Society does take animals from Polk County Animal Control on animal hoarding cases. We treat every animal’s life as precious and will not resort to euthanasia to control the number of pets at our shelter. The only cases in which we would send animals to Polk County Animal Control are when an animal has bitten a customer and is required by law to quarantine or when animals have been dumped as stray at our facility!

When You Bring Your Pets

When you bring your pet, please have the following:

  • All veterinary records
  • Your pet’s medications
  • Special food or treats that your pet needs
  • Your pet’s bed, toys, leash and other belongings from home to make their stay more comfortable
  • Your pet’s crate or carrier
  • Your surrender fee

The surrender fee is $25 per pet (this is in addition to the $10 appointment fee).  The fee for a litter of three to six pets is $75. Surrendering more than six pets results in a fee of $20 per additional pet. Other fees may apply.

When You Arrive

  • We will test your cat for feline AIDS and leukemia, or we will test your dog more than six months of age for heartworms. If the test is positive, we cannot accept your pet.
  • A staff member will evaluate the temperament of your pet and may recommend some behavioral training before your pet can be accepted.
  • After we screen your pet, if we can accept him or her, we will collect your surrender fee.