About Us

The Humane Society of Polk County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We were chartered in 1972, and the original Sage Road shelter was built in 1980. As of June 2015, our staff of thirteen employees operates out of our new shelter, which is located just around the corner at 3195 Dundee Road.

The shelter usually has 30 dogs and 75 cats in residence, but the number of animals fluctuates every year. In our last fiscal year, we took in more than 1275 animals.

All accepted animals are spayed or neutered, provided with shots, tested for heart worms or feline leukemia/aids, de-wormed, micro chipped, provided a physical exam by a local veterinarian and given comfortable shelter, food and water.

The Humane Society of Polk County became a no kill animal shelter in 2004.  What this means is that we do not euthanize animals simply to make space.  If a veterinarian determines it is in the best interest of the animal we do follow their advice to euthanize.  The other circumstance when we would euthanize an animal is if it is deemed by our veterinarian and our animal behavioral specialist that the animal would be a danger to the public to adopt.

Shelter Hours

Tuesday – Friday
10:30 a.m. — 6 p.m.
10:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Closed 1 -2 for lunch

We are closed on the last Friday of every month for staff training.

Pets Saved in 2024

Pets Spayed/Neutered in 2024

Our Mission

The purpose of the Humane Society of Polk County, Inc., your local no-kill shelter, is the prevention of cruelty to animals, the relief of suffering among animals and the extension of humane education.

Protecting Polk’s pets since 1972

Polk’s No-Kill Animal Shelter since 2004

Adoption services for more than 1,700 animals annually

Spay/neuter services for more than 1,800 animals annually

Emergency services provided for the pets of more than 200 pet owners annually

35,000 pounds of pet food provided to low-income pet owners annually

Preventing more than 4,000 animals from being surrendered to Polk County Animal Control each year

Saving tax payers $650,000 annually through our public/private partnership with Polk County Government

501(c)(3) nonprofit funded by donations, bequests and grants

Meet the Staff


Lisa Baker

Executive Director

Laura Sutton

Administrative Assistant

Tamara Santiago

Office Manager

Lisa Gray, CVT

Surgery Administrator

Debra Whitfield


Diann Andress – APDT-KA

Animal Trainer

Animal Care Specialists & SNIP Staff:   Stephanie Atkinson, Melissa Brocklesby, Silver Doyle, Donna Howell, Crystal Ivey, Angie Jones, Carol LaRochelle, Robbie Ray Maines, Jr; Julio Marcano, Sariah McClellan, Chloe Plemmons, Rebecca Toney,

Board of Directors

Mark Turner


Kristie Hatcher-Bolin

Vice President

Kristin Woolf


Tracey Greene


Board Members:  Harold Baker, Maulissa Braverman, Elle Carter, Gonzalo Gutierrez, Katrina Hill,  Jan Hyman, Eileen Killebrew, Suzie Moraco, Natalie Ogen, Dawn Richards, John Scheck, Katie Salomon, April Spaulding, Amy Sumerlin


Advisory Council

Sandy Acker, Lance Anastasio, Jeff Donalson, Lauren Donalson, Heather Earl, Beth Evans, Jessica Garrett, Susan Hansell, Angie Hibbard, Kevin Hyman, Nicole Irby, Bo Jahna, Sam Killebrew, Beth Koon-Spiwak, Allison Lee,  Janine Mahalak, Jackie Munroe,  David Nicholson, Chris Nikdel, Tom Oldt, Julie Phillips, Kristie Renardson, Cynthia Saterbo, Marcia Smith, T. Michael Stavres, Amy Sumerlin Jackie Thompson, Cene Tsikurios, Mitsie Vargas DVM, Shirley Whitney, Heather Wilson, Katie Worthington-Decker,

Volunteer Vets

Dr. Mitsie Vargas – Orchid Springs Animal Hospital