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Lilly – Rehoming Pet


Lilly is a shorthair silver tabby, she is fixed and gets along with other cats once she gets to know them. She was found as a stray on my doorstep and I took her in she is the sweetest cat I have ever homed. She will come cuddle under your chin while you sleep and just start purring, she will sleep on your chest, above your head and even hold your finger with her paw. She purrs the moment you touch her and loves a lot of attention and gives little love bites when she is really happy. She tolerates dogs but will swat at them from time to time. She likes going outside but comes back when she wants inside, however due to where I live it isn’t safe to let her out anymore because of cars. She is a darling cat that deserves a home where she will get plenty of attention and cuddles.

Breed Info

  • Species: Cat
  • Breed: Tabby
  • Age: Adult (1 - 7 years)
  • Gender: Female
  • Size: Small


  • This pet has been declawed.
  • This pet's shots are update-to-date.
  • This pet is house broken.
  • This pet has special needs.
  • This pet has been spayed/neutered.
  • This pet likes or gets along with cats.
  • This pet likes or gets along with dogs.
  • This pet likes or gets along with kids.

Location Last Seen

Lakeland, FL


Name: Shelbi Sims
Phone: 8638126534
Location: Lakeland