Pets for Re-homing

Dingo – Rehoming Pet


Dingo is a medium sized dog, we adopted him from the shelter about 12 years ago, I believe he is a mix between a beagle and German shepherd, I’m not 100% certain. But dingo is a very affectionate dog. He’s our family dog, but my children have all moved out and I’m work alot so I don’t always have enough time to give to dingo. He has quite a bit of energy, considering his age, but of course, not like before when he was younger. He’s around 13 years old. He’s always been the only dog we’ve owned so I’m not sure how he’ll do with other animals, but he’s amazing with children, from all ages. Dingo needs more love and time dedicated to him, and he’s not getting that with me or my wife. So I hope we’ll find another family willing to give him what he deserves. I don’t want to take him to a shelter because I’m scared that they’ll put him down due to his age.

Breed Info

  • Species: Dog
  • Breed: Beagle/German Shepherd
  • Age: Senior (7+ years)
  • Gender: Male
  • Size: Medium


  • This pet has been declawed.
  • This pet's shots are update-to-date.
  • This pet is house broken.
  • This pet has special needs.
  • This pet has been spayed/neutered.
  • This pet likes or gets along with cats.
  • This pet likes or gets along with dogs.
  • This pet likes or gets along with kids.


Name: Oscar Madrid
Phone: 7372758675
Location: Haines City